ROBO Master

ROBO Master 4.2

The ROBO Master is editing/output software that enables the creation

The ROBO Master is editing/output software that enables the creation of outline data consisting of simple objects and text, and the output of the created data to the Craft ROBO Cutting plotter.
Furthermore, it supports convenient functions that enable the capturing of image data into the software and the automatic creation of registration marks for Print & Cut applications.

Main features:

- Supports a function for automatically creating registration marks.
- Provides a preview display of a printed image, cut image, or combined image.
- Can load DXF files in AutoCAD R13 format.
- Allows Output/Do not output selection for each line color when outputting to the Craft ROBO.
- To facilitate weeding of the cut media, the Weed Border function enables automatic cutting of a border when outputting to the Craft ROBO.
- Any object exceeding the Craft ROBO's cutting range can be output in multiple pages using the Tiling function when outputting to the Craft ROBO.

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